Master Municipal Construction Documents Association

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What do I do if I cannot open the document which I have purchased?

The most common scenarios for licenses and documents no longer working are listed below. Before contacting our office, see if any of the following reflect your situation. This will help us in rectifying your issue with more ease and timeliness. 

  1. You recently switched computers of reformatted your computer.
    If you have recently switched computers or have reformatted your computer, your license will no longer be accessible. A license can only be installed once - it cannot be reinstalled. To resolve this issue, simply call our office and we will deactivate your old license and send you a new one. You will need to reinstall the documents at this point.

  2. You installed the documents on a company server.
    Licenses are good for a single computer only, and cannot be installed on a shared company drive. If you have accidentally installed the license to a server, please delete the file and contact our office. We will need to distribute a new license to you which must be installed on your local drive.

  3. Someone in your office purchased the documents and now you cannot access them.
    Licenses can only be installed on one computer. It is common that people leave the company and the computer that they installed the documents on is either no longer used, or no longer the computer that the documents need to be accessed from. If this is the case, please contact the office and have the name of the person on hand who would've previously had access to the documents. We have the ability to disable to document that was purchased and redistribute a new one. Keep in mind that if the license is disabled, the computer which it was previously installed to will no longer have access to it.